Vinyl Siding

We do not use high pressure sales pushing a specific vinyl siding company product. Instead we use many distributers of vinyl siding to offer our customers a choice. We are vinyl siding specialists with the expertise and knowledge to work with you to provide the best materials available within your budget. Learn More

Wood Shingle Siding

We install and offer many types of wood siding. Our experts can help you choose the right type of wood siding and grade to meet your needs. Learn More

Aluminum Siding

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Rob C.  

USA Siding Pros was extremely professional, clean and house looks great.

Jessi A.  

The job was completed on time and the quality of the siding installed was great.

Janine R.  

Overall the job came out to what I expected, I recommended USA Siding to a couple of my friends.

The house siding experts at USA Siding Pros pride themselves on offering the most experienced, comprehensive house siding advice, supply, installation, repair, and replacement work in the entire industry. It’s the whole reason that the company began years ago and it’s the reason that we continue to thrive to this very day.

Our network of professional siding installers and contractors currently features coverage areas in most parts of the United States, ensuring that our dedication to quality results can be offered to homeowners in just about every state. However, you can depend on USA Siding Pros having more than just siding contractors near you. All of USA Siding Pros’s affiliated siding companies and contractors are ensured to be completely trained, licensed, and insured in the event of difficulties performing your house siding project. Furthermore, we at USA Siding Pros realized long ago that a wide selection of options was crucial to providing a top quality siding installation or replacement. That’s why we’ve secured access to the largest selection of siding materials, styles, colors, brands, and textures that can be found on the market today. This enormous selection is offered to each and every one of our clients, along with professional advice and guidance if requested, making it possible for nearly any home design ideas to be brought to a satisfying conclusion. Plus, if you have your eye on a style, color, or texture which we don’t have immediate access to, we’d be happy to special order it for you. We understand that a person’s house is their most precious belonging and are willing to do all we can to ensure that when you trust a USA Siding Pros siding contractor or siding company with the appearance and protection of yours, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision.

To help foster that reassurance, we would like to invite you to arrange a free consultation and estimate with one of your local USA Siding Pros siding contractors. These professionals would be able to visit your home at any time that’s convenient to your busy schedule and offer you everything from advice on color schemes and vinyl siding styles to a comprehensive written estimate of the time, materials, and cost to perform your house siding project. If, at the end of the consultation, you’re still unsure about having the project performed you are under no obligation to schedule any work or further correspondence. We think, however, that a quick talk with one of our expert siding contractors will be enough to convince you that vinyl siding is right for your house’s exterior needs. Simply use our easy coverage directory to be connected with your local house siding installers and experts and you’ll soon be on your home will soon look better than it ever has.

Isn’t vinyl siding more expensive to install than other materials?

No, actually. Given the ease of maintaining vinyl siding and affordability of repairing it if it ever does get damaged investing in vinyl siding can often be more affordable than exterior house materials like paint, wood siding, brick, and natural stone. Plus, you can count on properly installed vinyl siding to maintain it’s high quality appearance for a decade or more with as little care as an occasional wash with a hose. This makes vinyl siding not only an affordable siding material but a virtually maintenance-free one which removes further potential expenses and hassles that are necessary to keep up the appearance of other materials.

What kinds of styles are available for my house’s vinyl siding?

The most popular siding panel style is, by far, individual horizontal panels which look like wood siding from a distance. However, if you’re interested in trying something different from others in your neighborhood vinyl siding panels are offered in vertical strips, PVC siding sheets which are much larger in scale, siding shingles, and even panels of siding made from wood and aluminum. All our siding installers have experience working with these various materials and can offer dependable, and effective installations of each if requested by the customer. A USA Siding Pros siding contractor would be able to explain the benefits and detriments of each style during your free consultation if you’re unsure of which would be best for your home’s design.

Why does my vinyl siding make noise during storms?

Vinyl siding that’s installed incorrectly won’t fit your walls properly and can slap against the underlying materials if it’s too loose. This can be very annoying and can actually be quite damaging to your siding and your home’s walls overtime. Furthermore it indicates that there isn’t an air-tight seal between panels which means that your house may experience issues with water damage and even pest infestation. A properly installed vinyl siding panel will have about a half inch of space on either end to allow for the material’s natural tendency to contract in cold weather and expand in warm weather. When this is not allowed for problems like yours and many other may arise. We highly recommend that homeowners who are concerned about issues like this get in touch with a professional siding contractor to assess any damage which may be taking place. The cost of hiring an expert can usually be guaranteed to be less than the cost of repairs which may be necessary further down the line if these signs are ignored.